Online Media Details for NZ Parties and Members of Parliament (2011-2014)

The database below contains the website, Facebook and Twitter details of our current parties and MPs. Credit to David Farrar who created the original version of this database.

My method for collecting this data was as follows:

  • Details for individual party websites were sourced from the Parliamentary list of parties in parliament.
  • Links to MP websites were sourced from Parliament’s MP profiles or the main party websites (for example, If a link could not be found here I ran a Google search for the MP’s name. I also ran a generic or .org.nzsearch.
  • Links to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were taken from the Parliamentary site, main party websites, and individual MP websites. If they could not be located there then a Google search was done for Facebook pages and profiles, and Twitter accounts.
  • I also cross-referenced the Twitter profiles with those listed on the Adopt An MP website.
  • Outdated Facebook pages or profiles where the MP has expressly indicated they have shifted accounts have not been included in this database.

Those who are interested in the various social media metrics (e.g. followers, engagement and so forth) of these accounts should take a look at Brand Gauge.

Please note that as of 22 June 2014 I have stopped updating this database so that I can concentrate on maintaining the database for the 2014 general election.

Parliamentary Parties

Party Website Blog Facebook Twitter YouTube
National /NZNATS @NZNationalParty / @NatFeed NZNats
Labour Red,Alert /NZLabourParty @nzlabour NZLabour
Greens frogblog /nzgreenparty @NZGreens nzgreenparty
New,Zealand,First @nz_first NZFirst
Maori /MaoriParty @Maori_Party MaoriParty
ACT /actparty @actparty ActParty
Mana /ManaMovement @ManaParty
United,Future /UnitedFutureNZ @UnitedNZ United Future

Members of Parliament

Name Party Website FacebookPage FacebookProfile Twitter Note
Banks, John ACT   /johnbanksnz   @johnbanksnz left Parliament
Browning, Steffan Green     /steffanbrowning @SteffanBrowning  
Clendon, David Green     /david.clendon @DavidClendon  
Delahunty,,Catherine Green     /catherine.delahunty @greencatherine  
Genter, Julie Anne Green   /julie.a.genter @JulieAnneGenter  
Graham, Kennedy Green     /DrKennedyGraham @KennedyGraham  
Hague, Kevin Green     /kevin.hague1 @KevinHague  
Hughes, Gareth Green     /garethhughesmp @GarethMP  
Logie, Jan Green     /jan.logie @janlogie  
Mathers, Mojo Green     /mojo.mathers.7 @mojomathers  
Norman, Russel Green     /russelnorman @russelnorman  
Roche, Denise Green     /denise.roche.372 @DeniseRocheMP  
Sage, Eugenie Green   /Eugenie-Sage/219143001447426 /eugenie.sage/219143001447426 @EugenieSage  
Turei, Metiria Green     /metiria @metiria  
Walker, Holly Green   /hollywalker82 @hollyrwalker  
Horan, Brendan Independent     /brendan.horan.336 @BrendanHoran  
Ardern, Jacinda Labour /jacindaardern /jacinda.ardern.1 @jacindaardern  
Beaumont, Carol Labour     /carol.beaumont @CarolBeaumontMP  
Chauvel, Charles Labour     /charleschauvel @charleschauvel left Parliament
Clark, David Labour /DavidClarkforDunedinNorth /david.clark.543 @DavidClarkNZ  
Cosgrove, Clayton Labour /Clayton-Cosgrove/259517910850713 /clayton.cosgrove.7 @ClaytonCosgrove  
Cunliffe, David Labour   /david.cunliffe.labour @DavidCunliffeMP  
Curran, Clare Labour   /clarecurranmp @clarecurranmp  
Dalziel, Lianne Labour     /lianne.dalziel.3 @LianneDalzielMP left Parliament
Davis, Kelvin Labour   /KelvinDavisLabour   @NgatiBird  
Dyson, Ruth Labour   /ruth.dyson.3 @ruthdysonmp  
Faafoi, Kris Labour /krisfaafoi /krisfaafoimp @KrisinMana  
Fenton, Darien Labour     /darien.fenton @DarienFenton  
Goff, Phil Labour   /philgoff.labour   @phil_goff  
Hipkins, Chris Labour   /chrishipkins @chrishipkins  
Huo, Raymond Labour   /Raymond.Huo @RaymondHuo  
Jones, Shane Labour /   @matuashane left Parliament
King, Annette Labour   /annette.king.of.rongotai   @annetterongotai  
Lees-Galloway, Iain Labour   /iain.leesgalloway @iainlg  
Little, Andrew Labour     /alittlemp @AndrewLittleMP  
Mackey, Moana Labour     /moana.mackey @MoanaMackey  
Mahuta, Nanaia Labour   /Hon-Nanaia-Mahuta/563920696964287 /nmahuta @NanaiaMahuta  
Mallard, Trevor Labour   /trevor.mallard1   @TrevorMallard  
Moroney, Sue Labour     /suemoroney @suemoroney  
O’Connor, Damien Labour     /damienoconnormp @DamienOConnorMP  
Parekura Horomia Labour         deceased
Parker, David Labour     @DavidParkerMP  
Prasad, Rajen Labour     /rajenprasadmp @RajenPrasad  
Robertson, Grant Labour /GrantRobertsonLabour /grantrobertsonmp @grantrobertson1  
Robertson, Ross Labour     /ross.robertson.338    
Shearer, David Labour   /davidshearernz   @DavidShearerMP  
Sio, Su’a William Labour     /suawilliamsio @SWSio_MP  
Street, Maryan Labour     /maryanstreet @MaryanStreetMP  
Tirikatene, Rino Labour   /rinotirikatene   @RinoTirikatene  
Twyford, Phil Labour     /phil.twyford.1 @PhilTwyford  
Wall, Louisa Labour     /louisawall.labourmanurewa    
Whaitiri, Meka Labour   /MekaIkaroaRawhiti /meka.whaitiri @mekawhaitiri  
Williams, Poto Labour   /Poto-Williams-for-Christchurch-East/161943140665739 /poto.williams.7 @PotoChchEast  
Woods, Megan Labour /MeganWoodsWigram /megancwoods @Megan_Woods  
Harawira, Hone Mana   /MPHoneHarawira /hone.harawira @HoneManaMP  
Flavell, Te Ururoa Maori Party /TeUruroa /teururoa.flavell.3 @TeUruroaFlavell  
Sharples, Pita Maori Party   /PapaPita /pita.sharples @papapita  
Turia, Tariana Maori Party /tariana.turia1   @TarianaTuria  
Adams, Amy National /MPAmyAdams /AmyAdamsMP @amyadamsMP  
Ardern, Shane National   /shane.ardernmp    
Auchinvole, Chris National     /chris.auchinvole @auchinvolemp  
Bakshi, Kanwaljit Singh National   /Bakshiks @bakshiks  
Barry, Maggie National /maggiebarrynz /maggie.barry.1238 @maggiebarry  
Bennett, David National   /david.bennettmp @DavidBennettMP  
Bennett, Paula National   /paulabennettmp @paulabennettmp  
Blue, Jackie National     / @drjackieblue left Parliament
Borrows, Chester National   /chesterborrows @ChesterBorrows  
Bridges, Simon National /Simon.Bridges.MP /simon.bridges.5 @simonjbridges  
Brownlee, Gerry National   /hongerrybrownlee    
Calder, Cam National   /drcamcalder    
Carter, David National   /DavidCarterMP @DavidCarterMP  
Coleman, Jonathan National   /jonathan.coleman.56 @jcolemanmp  
Collins, Judith National /judithcollinsmp   @JudithCollinsMP  
Dean, Jacqui National /JacquiDeanMP /jacqui.dean.73 @JacquiDeanMP  
English, Bill National /billenglishmp /honbillenglish @honbillenglish  
Finlayson, Christopher National /CFFinlayson   @chrisfinlayson  
Foss, Craig National /craig.foss   @CraigFossMP  
Foster-Bell, Paul National   /PaulFosterBellMP /pfosterbell @PARFosterBell  
Aaron Gilmore National   /aaronwaynegilmore   left Parliament
Goldsmith, Paul National   /PaulGoldsmithNZ @PaulGoldsmithMP  
Goodhew, Jo National /Jo-Goodhew/317621700194 /jo.goodhew.1 @JoGoodhewMP  
Groser, Tim National        
Guy, Nathan National   /nathanguy4otaki @HonNathanGuy @NathanGuyOtaki
Hauiti, Claudette National     /claudettehauitiformangere @ClaudetteHauiti  
Hayes, Joanne National     /jo.hayes3    
Hayes, John National     @JohnHayesRAPAMP  
Heatley, Phil National /PhilHeatleyMP /phil.heatley.1 @PhilHeatleyMP  
Henare, Tau National     /tau.henare @tauhenare  
Hutchison, Paul National /PaulHutchisonMP /paul.hutchison.581 @PaulHutchisonMP  
Joyce, Steven National /HonStevenJoyce   @stevenljoyce  
Kaye, Nikki National /NikkiKayeMP /nikki.kaye @nikkikaye  
Key, John National /pmjohnkey /johnkeypm @johnkeypm  
King, Colin National   /colin.king.77 @ColinKingMP  
Lee, Melissa National /mpmelissalee   @melissaleemp  
Lotu-Iiga, Peseta Sam National /PesetaSamLotuIigaMp /pesetasam.lotuiiga @MaungakiekieSAM  
Macindoe, Tim National /TimMacindoe   @timmacindoe  
McClay, Todd National   /Todd.McClay.MP    
McCully, Murray National        
McKelvie, Ian National   /ian.mckelvie.18 @ianmckelviemp  
Mitchell, Mark National /mitchellforrodney   @mitchell4rodney  
Ngaro, Alfred National   /alfred.ngaro @AlfredNgaroMP  
O’Connor, Simon National /SimonOConnorMP /simon.oconnor @SimonOConnorMP  
Parata, Hekia National   /hekia.parata @hekiaparata  
Ross, Jami-Lee National   /jami.lee.ross @jamileeross  
Roy, Eric National   /eric.roy.75457 @ericroymp  
Ryall, Tony National   /HonTonyRyall   @TonyRyallMP  
Sabin, Mike National   /sabinfornorthland    
Shanks, Katrina National   /katrinashanksmp   left Parliament
Simpson, Scott National /ScottSimpsonCoromandel /ScottSimpsonForCoromandel @ScottSimpsonMP  
Smith, Lockwood National       left Parliament
Smith, Nick National   /nicksmithmp    
Tisch, Lindsay National     /lindsay.tisch.1 @lindsaytisch  
Tolley, Anne National   /honannetolley @AnneTolleyMP  
Tremain, Chris National   /ChrisTremainMP @CJTremain  
Upston, Louise National /louiseupstonmp /louise.upston @LouiseUpston  
Wagner, Nicky National /Nicky-Wagner-MP/30605591344 /nickywagnermp @nickywagner  
Wilkinson, Kate National   /honkatewilkinson @KateWilkinsonMP  
Williamson, Maurice National     /maurice.williamson.54 @williamson_nz  
Woodhouse, Michael National   /michael.woodhousemp @WoodhouseMP  
Yang, Jian National /JianYangMP /jian.yang.545    
Young, Jonathan National   /jonathan.youngmp @JonathanYoungMP  
Lole-Taylor, Asenati NZ First   /asenati.loletaylor @asenatitaylor  
Martin, Tracey NZ First     /tracey.martinmp @traceymartinmp  
O’Rourke, Denis NZ First          
Peters, Winston NZ First   /winstonpeters   @winstonpeters  
Prosser, Richard NZ First   /RIvorProsser /richard.prosser1 @richard_prosser  
Stewart, Barbara NZ First   /barbarastewartmp      
Williams, Andrew NZ First   /andrew.williamsmp    
Dunne, Peter United Future   /hon.peter.dunne @PeterDunneMP  


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