Online media details for NZ parties and candidates contesting the 2014 General Election

The database below contains the website, Facebook and Twitter details for candidates contesting the 2014 General Election. The method for how I collected this data is outlined here. While there will be accounts listed that may not have been used for campaigning purposes, I have included them so that researchers can use their own discretion in filtering out those that are irrelevant.

The final major update for this data took place on 14 September 2014 under the assumption that candidates were unlikely to create any new social media accounts so close to the election. I have done my best to check (and recheck!) the details for candidates and parties,  but if any information is incorrect or missing please let me know and I will correct the error. You can contact me at

Download this data as .xlsx


Party Contesting Party Vote Website Blog Facebook Twitter YouTube
Alliance N
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Y
Ban 1080 Y
Conservative Y
Conservative Y
Democrats for Social Credit Y
Focus New Zealand Y
Green Y
Green Y
Internet N
Internet Mana Y
Labour Y
Mana N
Maori Y
National Y
National Y
NZ First Y
NZ Independent Coalition Y
The Civilian Party Y and
Unite DFuture Y
1Law4All N


Name Party Electorate Incumbent Website Facebook page Facebook profile Twitter
Alan Davidson ACT Whanganui N
Beth Houlbrooke ACT Rodney N
Bruce Carley ACT List only N
Bruce Haycock ACT Kelston N
Colin Nicholls ACT Dunedin South N
Craig Nelson ACT Northland N
Dasha Kovalenko ACT Auckland Central N
David Olsen ACT Coromandel N
David Seymour ACT Epsom N
Don Nicolson ACT Clutha-Southland N
Duncan Lennox ACT Tukituki N
Gareth Veale ACT Ilam N
Geoff Russell ACT Port Hills N
Grae O’Sullivan ACT Hutt South N
Ian Cummings ACT Hunua N
James Gray ACT New Plymouth N
Jamie Whyte ACT Pakuranga N
Joanne Reeder ACT List only N
John Thompson ACT Papakura N
Kathleen McCabe ACT List only N
Kenneth Wang ACT List only N
Lyall Russell ACT Rotorua N
Mike Burrow ACT Waikato N
Mike Milne ACT Tamaki N
Neil Wilson ACT Rangitikei N
Nick Kearney ACT North Shore N
Paul Gilbert ACT Selwyn N
Paul Hufflett ACT Nelson N
Peter Jiang ACT List only N
Phelan Pirrie ACT Helensville N
Richard Evans ACT Kaikoura N
Robin Grieve ACT Whangarei N
Ron Smith ACT Hamilton East N
Sara Muti ACT Hamilton West N
Sean Fitzpatrick ACT Ohariu N
Shane Atkinson ACT Wairarapa N
Shaun Grieve ACT Wigram N
Stephen Berry ACT Upper Harbour N
Stephen Fletcher ACT Te Atatu N
Stuart Pederson ACT Tauranga N
Tim Kronfeld ACT Northcote N
Tom Corbett ACT Rangitata N
Tommy Fergusson ACT Mt Albert N
Toni Severin ACT Christchurch Central N
Mary O’Neill Alliance Napier N
Abe Gray Aotearoa Legalise Dunedin North N
Adrian McDermott Aotearoa Legalise Te Atatu N
Alistair Gregory Aotearoa Legalise Wellington Central N
Ants Heath Aotearoa Legalise List only N
Emma-Jane Kingi Aotearoa Legalise Te Tai Tonga N
James Dombroski Aotearoa Legalise New Plymouth N
Jeffrey Lye Aotearoa Legalise Kelston N
Julian Crawford Aotearoa Legalise Dunedin South N
Paul McMullan Aotearoa Legalise List only N
Richard Goode Aotearoa Legalise Mana N
Robert Wilkinson Aotearoa Legalise Christchurch East N
Romana Manning Aotearoa Legalise Tukituki N
Sandy Mulqueen Aotearoa Legalise List only N
Andy Blick Ban1080 List only N
Bill Wallace Ban1080 List only N
Glen Tomlinson Ban1080 Kaikōura N
James Veint Ban1080 Clutha-Southland N
John Burrill Ban1080 List only N
Mike Downard Ban1080 Coromandel N
Mike McClunie Ban1080 List only N
Peter Salter Ban1080 West Coast-Tasman N
Tricia Cheel Ban1080 East Coast Bays N
Aaron Carter Climate Party Rongotai N
Peter Whitmore Climate Party Auckland Central N
Annalucia Vermunt Communist League (UR) Manukau East N
Felicity Coggan Communist League (UR) Maungakiekie N
Andrew Craig Conservative Party Pakuranga N
Angela Storr Conservative Party New Plymouth N
Anne Lovelock Conservative Party Otaki N
Anton Heyns Conservative Party Rodney N
Benjamin Price Conservative Party Waimakariri N
Brent Reid Conservative Party Wairarapa N
Brian Dobbs Conservative Party Waikato N
Brian Hooper Conservative Party Wellington Central N
Bruce Welsh Conservative Party Rongotai N
Callum Blair Conservative Party Upper Harbour N
Chris Brosnan Conservative Party Port Hills N
Christine Rankin Conservative Party Epsom N
Cindy Kerr Conservative Party Dunedin South N
Claire Holley Conservative Party West Coast-Tasman N
Colin Craig Conservative Party East Coast Bays N
Danny Mountain Conservative Party Tamaki N
David Walkden Conservative Party Coromandel N
Deborah Cunliffe Conservative Party Bay of Plenty N
Deborah Dougherty Conservative Party Helensville N
Don Nightingale Conservative Party Whangarei N
Donald Aubrey Conservative Party Waitaki N
Edward Aish Conservative Party Taranaki-King Country N
Edward Saafi Conservative Party Mangare N
Elliot Ikilei Conservative Party Manurewa N
Garth McVicar Conservative Party Napier N
Gordon Copeland Conservative Party Hutt South N
Howard Hudson Conservative Party Kaikoura N
Jeffrey Johnson Conservative Party Mt Albert N
John Green Conservative Party Nelson N
John Stringer Conservative Party Ilam N
Jonathan Daley Conservative Party Dunedin North N
Katrina Day Conservative Party Hamilton East N
Kevin Stitt Conservative Party Papakura N
Kim MacIntyre Conservative Party Whanganui N
Lachlan Ashton Conservative Party Clutha-Southland N
Lance Gedge Conservative Party Taupo N
Laura Storr Conservative Party Invercargill N
Leighton Baker Conservative Party Christchurch East N
Litia Simpson Conservative Party Maungakiekie N
Mark Pearce Conservative Party Palmerston North N
Mark Peters Conservative Party Wigram N
Matthew Webster Conservative Party Northcote N
Melanie Taylor Conservative Party Northland N
Melissa Perkin Conservative Party North Shore N
Michael Brunner Conservative Party Ohariu N
Michael Cooke Conservative Party Christchurch Central N
Michael Davidson Conservative Party Rotorua N
Nathaniel Heslop Conservative Party Tauranga N
Neville Hudson Conservative Party Hunua N
Oliver Vitali Conservative Party Rangitata N
Paddy O’Rourke Conservative Party Te Atatu N
Paul Davie Conservative Party Mt Roskill N
Paul Sommer Conservative Party Kelston N
Paul Young Conservative Party Botany N
Philip Lynch Conservative Party Rimutaka N
Regan Monahan Conservative Party Auckland Central N
Rick Drayson Conservative Party East Coast N
Roger Clibborn Conservative Party Selwyn N
Roy Barry Conservative Party Mana N
Roy Brown Conservative Party Rangitikei N
Stephen Jenkinson Conservative Party Tukituki N
Steve Taylor Conservative Party New Lynn N
Tony McKenna Conservative Party Hamilton West N
Vili Taukolo Conservative Party Manukau East N
Adrian Bayly Democrats for Social Credit Nelson N
Alida Steemson Democrats for Social Credit Ohariu N
Andrew Leitch Democrats for Social Credit New Lynn N
Barry Pulford Democrats for Social Credit Napier N
Carolyn McKenzie Democrats for Social Credit Hamilton East N
Chris Leitch Democrats for Social Credit Whangarei N
David Espin Democrats for Social Credit Taranaki-King Country N
David Wilson Democrats for Social Credit Northland N
Dick Ryan Democrats for Social Credit Tukituki N
Errol Baird Democrats for Social Credit List only N
Gary Gribben Democrats for Social Credit Port Hills N
Hahona Rakiraki Tamiti Democrats for Social Credit Te Tai Tonga N
Harry Alchin-Smith Democrats for Social Credit East Coast N
Heather Marion Smith Democrats for Social Credit Whanganui N
Hessel Van Wieren Democrats for Social Credit Waitaki N
Huia Mitchell Democrats for Social Credit Hunua N
James Knuckey Democrats for Social Credit Wellington Central N
Jason Jobsis Democrats for Social Credit Clutha-Southland N
John McCaskey Democrats for Social Credit Kaikoura N
John Pemberton Democrats for Social Credit Taupo N
John Ring Democrats for Social Credit Wigram N
Karl Hewlett Democrats for Social Credit List only N
Katherine Ransom Democrats for Social Credit Waikato N
Kelly Balsom Democrats for Social Credit List only N
Kerry Balsom Democrats for Social Credit List only N
Miriam Mowat Democrats for Social Credit Dunedin North N
Mischele Rhodes Democrats for Social Credit Hamilton West N
Peter Adcock-White Democrats for Social Credit Waimakariri N
Robert Richards Democrats for Social Credit List only N
Robin Columbus Democrats for Social Credit Christchurch Central N
Ron England Democrats for Social Credit Mana N
Stephnie de Ruyter Democrats for Social Credit Invercargill N
Tim Leitch Democrats for Social Credit North Shore N
Tracy Livingston Democrats for Social Credit Bay of Plenty N
Warren Voight Democrats for Social Credit Dunedin South N
Vicky Rose Expatriate Party (UR) Ikaroa-Rawhiti N
Christy Gordon Focus New Zealand List only N
Hayden Flintoff Focus New Zealand List only N
John Vujcich Focus New Zealand List only N
Julian Fairlie Focus New Zealand List only N
Ken Rintoul Focus New Zealand Northland N
Les King Focus New Zealand Whangarei N
Ranjit Singh Focus New Zealand List only N
Terry Oakley Focus New Zealand List only N
Anne-Elise Smithson Green Northcote N
Barry Coates Green Mt Roskill N
Brett Stansfield Green North Shore N
Caroline Conroy Green Papakura N
Catherine Delahunty Green Coromandel Y
Chris Ford Green List only N
Chris Perley Green Tukituki N
Colin Robertson Green Nelson N
Daniel Rogers Green New Lynn N
Dave Robinson Green Taupo N
David Clendon Green Northland Y
David Kennedy Green Invercargill N
David Moorhouse Green Christchurch Central N
Denise Roche Green Auckland Central Y
Dora Langsbury Green Te Tai Tonga N
Dorthe Siggard Green Tamaki N
Eugenie Sage Green Port Hills Y
Gareth Hughes Green List only Y
Gary Stewart Green Te Atatu N
Gavin Maclean Green East Coast N
Henare Kani Green Ikaroa-Rawhiti N
Holly Walker Green Hutt South Y
Ian McLean Green Tauranga N
Jack McDonald Green Te Tai Hauauru N
James Shaw Green Wellington Central N
Jan Logie Green Mana Y
Jeanette Elley Green Mt Albert N
John Hart Green Wairarapa N
John Kelcher Green Ilam N
Julie Anne Genter Green Epsom Y
Kennedy Graham Green Helensville Y
Kevin Hague Green West Coast-Tasman Y
Maddy Drew Green Otaki N
Malcolm McAll Green Rodney N
Marama Davidson Green Tamaki Makaurau N
Mark Servian Green Hamilton East N
Metiria Turei Green Dunedin North Y
Mojo Mathers Green Christchurch East Y
Mua Strickson-Pua Green Mangere N
Nicholas Mayne Green Upper Harbour N
Paul Bailey Green Napier N
Paul Doherty Green Whangarei N
Peter Hill Green Selwyn N
Rachael Goldsmith Green Clutha-Southland N
Reuben Hunt Green Waimakariri N
Richard Leckinger Green Maungakiekie N
Richard Wesley Green Wigram N
Robert Moore Green Taranaki-King Country N
Russel Norman Green Rongotai Y
Ruth Irwin Green Kelston N
Sarah Roberts Green New Plymouth N
Sea Rotmann Green List only N
Shane Gallagher Green Dunedin South N
Steffan Browning Green Kaikoura Y
Sue Coutts Green Waitaki N
Susanne Ruthven Green Rimutaka N
Tane Woodley Green Ohariu N
Teresa Moore Green East Coast Bays N
Trish Tupou Green Manurewa N
Umesh Perinpanayagam Green Manukau East N
Anthony Van den Heuvel Human Rights Party Mt Albert
Adam Holland Independent Epsom N
Adrian Graamans Independent Dunedin North N
Amanda Vickers Independent Otaki N
Brendan Whyte Independent Helensville N
Catheryn Eden Independent Ikaroa-Rawhiti N
Clinton Dearlove Independent Te Tai Tokerau N
David McCormick Independent Botany N
Don Richards Independent Rongotai N
Frederick MacDonald Independent Otaki N
Grace Haden Independent Epsom N
Huimaono Karena Puhi Independent Wellington Central N
Jan Pajak Independent Hutt South N
Matthew Goode Independent Epsom N
Michael Wackrow Independent Mt Albert N
Murray Robertson Independent Northland N
Penny Bright Independent Helensville N
Peter Robinson Independent Wellington Central N
Raewyn Harrison Independent Tamaki Makaurau N
Rusty Kane Independent Tauranga N
Stan Lusby Independent Dunedin North N
Steven Wilkinson Independent West Coast-Tasman N
Sue Hamill Independent Ohariu N
Susanna Kruger Independent Epsom N
Yvette Lamare Independent Tauranga N
Heleyni Pratley Internet Mana List only N
Tangi Tipene Internet Mana List only N
Andrew LePine Internet Party/Internet Mana Dunedin South N
Beverley Ballantine Internet Party/Internet Mana Ilam N
Callum Valentine Internet Party/Internet Mana Wellington Central N
Chris Yong Internet Party/Internet Mana Te Atatu N
David Currin Internet Party/Internet Mana Whangarei N
Gil Ho Internet Party/Internet Mana Northcote N
Grant Keinzley Internet Party/Internet Mana Taranaki-King Country N
Laila Harre Internet Party/Internet Mana Helensville N
Lois McClintock Internet Party/Internet Mana Wigram N
Miriam Pierard Internet Party/Internet Mana Auckland Central N
Pani Farvid Internet Party/Internet Mana Palmerston North N
Patrick Salmon Internet Party/Internet Mana East Coast N
Raymond Calver Internet Party/Internet Mana Hamilton East N
Robert Stewart Internet Party/Internet Mana Dunedin North N
Roshni Sami Internet Party/Internet Mana Kelston N
Adrian Rurawhe Labour Te Tai Hauauru N
Anahila Kanongata’s-Suisuiki Labour List only N
Andrew Little Labour New Plymouth Y
Anjum Rahman Labour List only N
Anna Lorck Labour Tukituki N
Annette King Labour Rongotai Y
Arena Williams Labour Hunua N
Barry Kirker Labour Pakuranga N
Carmel Sepuloni Labour Kelston N
Carol Beaumont Labour Maungakiekie Y
Chao-Fu Wu Labour Tamaki N
Chris Hipkins Labour Rimutaka Y
Christine Greer Labour Waikato N
Claire Szabó Labour North Shore N
Clare Curran Labour Dunedin South Y
Clare Wilson Labour Bay of Plenty N
Clayton Cosgrove Labour Waimakariri Y
Clifford Allen Labour Hamilton East N
Corie Haddock Labour Helensville N
Damien O’Connor Labour West Coast-Tasman Y
David Clark Labour Dunedin North Y
David Cunliffe Labour New Lynn Y
David Parker Labour List only Y
David Shearer Labour Mt Albert Y
Deborah Russell Labour Rangitikei N
Eric Bolt Labour Rodney N
Glenda Alexander Labour Waitaki N
Gordon Dickson Labour Selwyn N
Grant Robertson Labour Wellington Central Y
Greg Milner-White Labour East Coast Bays N
Hamish McDouall Labour Whanganui N
Hermann Retzlaff Labour Upper Harbour N
Hikiera Toroa Labour List only N
Hugh Tyler Labour List only N
Iain Lees-Galloway Labour Palmerston North Y
Jacinda Ardern Labour Auckland Central Y
James Dann Labour Ilam N and
Jamie Strange Labour Taupo N
Janette Walker Labour Kaikoura N
Jenny Salesa Labour Manukau East N
Jerome Mika Labour Papakura N
Katie Paul Labour List only N
Kelly Ellis Labour Whangarei N
Kelvin Davis Labour Te Tai Tokerau Y
Kieran McAnulty Labour Wairarapa N
Korbinian Poschl Labour Coromandel N
Kris Faafoi Labour Mana Y
Lesley Soper Labour Invercargill N
Liz Craig Labour Clutha-Southland N
Louisa Wall Labour Manurewa Y
Maryan Street Labour Nelson Y
Megan Woods Labour Wigram Y
Meka Whaitiri Labour Ikaroa-Rawhiti Y
Michael Wood Labour Epsom N
Moana Mackey Labour East Coast Y
Nanaia Mahuta Labour Hauraki-Waikato Y
Paul Grimshaw Labour List only N
Peeni Henare Labour Tamaki Makaurau N
Penny Gaylor Labour Taranaki-King Country N
Phil Goff Labour Mt Roskill Y
Phil Twyford Labour Te Atatu Y
Poto Williams Labour Christchurch East Y
Priyanca Radhakrishnan Labour List only N
Rachel Jones Labour Tauranga N
Rawiri Waititi Labour Waiariki N
Raymond Huo Labour List only Y
Richard Hills Labour Northcote N
Rino Tirikatene Labour Te Tai Tonga Y
Rob McCann Labour Otaki N
Ruth Dyson Labour Port Hills Y
Shanan Halbert Labour List only N
Simon Buckingham Labour List only N
Steven Gibson Labour Rangitata N
Stuart Nash Labour Napier N
Su’a William Sio Labour Mangere Y
Sue Moroney Labour Hamilton West Y
Sunny Kaushal Labour List only N
Susan Elliot Labour List only N
Tamati Coffey Labour Rotorua N
Tofik Mamedov Labour Botany N
Tony Milne Labour Christchurch Central N
Tracey Dorreen Labour List only N
Trevor Mallard Labour Hutt South Y
Virginia Andersen Labour Ohariu N
Willow Jean Prime Labour Northland N
Angeline Greensill Mana/Internet Party Hauraki-Waikato N
Annette Sykes Mana/Internet Party Waiariki N
Ariana Paretutanganui-Tamati Mana/Internet Party Rongotai N
Georgina Beyer Mana Te Tai Tonga N
Hone Harawira Mana/Internet Party Te Tai Tokerau Y
James Papali’i Mana/Internet Party Mangere N
Joe Carolan Mana/Internet Party Mt Albert N
Joe Trinder Mana/Internet Party Manukau East N
John Minto Mana/Internet Party Mt Roskill N
Jordan Winiata Mana Te Tai Hauauru N
Kereama Pene Mana Tamaki Makaurau N and
Lisa Gibson Mana/Internet Party Tamaki N
Makelesi Ngata Mana/Internet Party Upper Harbour N
Pat O’Dea Mana/Internet Party Epsom N
Roger Fowler Mana/Internet Party Papakura N
Sitaleki Finau Mana/Internet Party Maungakiekie N
Te Hāmua Nikora Mana/Internet Party Ikaroa Rāwhiti N
Yvonne Dainty Mana/Internet Party Manurewa N
Anaru Kaipo Maori Whangarei N
Ann Kendall Maori Papakura N
Aroha Reriti-Crofts Maori Waimakariri N
Benita Wakefield Maori Ilam N
Chris McKenzie Maori Te Tai Hauauru N
Claire Winitana Maori Taupo N
Eraia Kiel Maori List only N
Hinurewa Te Hau Maori Upper Harbour N
Hiria Pakinga Maori Coromandel N
Lenis Davidson Maori Christchurch Central N
Marama Fox Maori Ikaroa Rāwhiti N
Nancy Tuaine Maori Whanganui N
Ngaire Button Maori Te Tai Tonga N
Ra Smith Maori Wairarapa N
Raewyn Bhana Maori Manurewa N
Rangimarie Naida Glavish Maori List only N
Rangi Mclean Maori Tamaki Makaurau N
Richard Te Ao Maori Hamilton West N
Sheryl Gardyne Maori Selwyn N
Susan Cullen Maori Hauraki-Waikato N
Tame Iti Maori List only N
Tania Mataki Maori Christchurch East N
Te Hira Paenga Maori Te Tai Tokerau N
Te Ururoa Flavell Maori Waiariki Y
Te Whe Ariki Phillips Maori Wigram N
Tom Phillips Maori Hunua N
Verna Ohia-Gate Maori Tauranga N
Glen Timms Money Free Party (UR) Northland N
Jordan Osmaston Money Free Party (UR) Auckland Central N
Laurence Boomert Money Free Party (UR) West Coast-Tasman N
Richard Osmaston Money Free Party (UR) Nelson N
Ted Howard Money Free Party (UR) Kaikoura N
Alastair Scott National Wairarapa N
Alfred Ngaro National Te Atatu Y
Amy Adams National Selwyn Y
Andrew Bayly National Hunua N
Anne Tolley National East Coast Y
Barbara Kuriger National Taranaki-King Country N
Bill English National List only Y
Boris Sokratov National List only N
Brett Hudson National Ohariu N
Carolyn O’Fallon National List only N
Chester Borrows National Whanganui Y
Chris Bishop National Hutt South N
Chris Finlayson National Rongotai Y
Christopher Penk National Kelston N
Craig Foss National Tukituki Y
David Bennett National Hamilton East Y
David Carter National List only Y
Gerry Brownlee National Ilam Y
Hamish Walker National Dunedin South N
Hekia Parata National Mana Y
Ian McKelvie National Rangitikei Y
Jacqui Dean National Waitaki Y
Jami-Lee Ross National Botany Y
Jian Yang National List only N
Jo Goodhew National Rangitata Y
Joanne Hayes National Christchurch East Y
John Key National Helensville Y
Jonathan Coleman National Northcote Y
Jonathan Young National New Plymouth Y
Jono Naylor National Palmerston North N
Judith Collins National Papakura Y
Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi National Manukau East Y
Karl Varley National Wigram N
Letitia O’Dwyer National List only N
Lewis Holden National Rimutaka N
Linda Cooper National List only N
Lindsay Tisch National Waikato Y
Louise Upston National Taupo Y
Maggie Barry National North Shore Y
Mark Bridges National List only N
Mark Mitchell National Rodney Y
Matthew Doocey National Waimakariri N
Matthew Evetts National List only N
Maureen Pugh National West Coast-Tasman N
Maurice Williamson National Pakuranga Y
Melissa Lee National Mt Albert Y
Michael Woodhouse National Dunedin North Y
Mike Sabin National Northland Y
Misa Fia Turner National Mangere N
Murray McCully National East Coast Bays Y
Nathan Guy National Otaki Y
Nick Smith National Nelson Y
Nicky Wagner National Christchurch Central Y
Nikki Kaye National Auckland Central Y
Nuk Korako National Port Hills N
Parmjeet Parmar National Mt Roskill N
Paul Foster-Bell National Wellington Central Y
Paul Goldsmith National Epsom Y
Paula Bennett National Upper Harbour Y
Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga National Maungakiekie Y
Sarah Dowie National Invercargill N
Scott Simpson National Coromandel Y
Shane Reti National Whangarei N
Simeon Brown National Manurewa N
Simon Bridges National Tauranga Y
Simon O’Connor National Tamaki Y
Steven Joyce National List only N
Stuart Smith National Kaikoura N
Tim Groser National New Lynn Y
Tim Macindoe National Hamilton West Y
Todd Barclay National Clutha-Southland N
Todd McClay National Rotorua Y
Todd Muller National Bay of Plenty N
Wayne Walford National Napier N
Tubby Hansen NZ Economic Euthenics Party Wigram N
Aaron Hunt NZ First Rimutaka N
Anne Degia-Pala NZ First Kelston N
Asenati Taylor NZ First Manukau East Y
Barbara Stewart NZ First Waikato Y
Bill Gudgeon NZ First Hamilton West N
Bill Woods NZ First Selwyn N
Brent Catchpole NZ First Papakura N
Brent Pierson NZ First Rongotai N
Clayton Mitchell NZ First Tauranga N
Cliff Lyon NZ First Epsom N
Darroch Ball NZ First Palmerston North N
Denis O’Rourke NZ First Port Hills Y
Edwin Perry NZ First Taupo N
Fletcher Tabuteau NZ First Rotorua N
George Abraham NZ First Christchurch Central N
Grant Ertel NZ First Coromandel N
Hugh Barr NZ First Wellington Central N
John Hall NZ First Manurewa N
Jon Reeves NZ First Hunua N and
Mahesh Bindra NZ First Mt Roskill N
Mataroa Paroro NZ First Hutt South N
Mere Takoko NZ First East Coast N
Pita Paraone NZ First Whangarei N
Ray Dolman NZ First Bay of Plenty N
Ria Bond NZ First Invercargill N
Richard Prosser NZ First Waimakariri Y
Richard Taurima NZ First Hamilton East N
Rom Rudzki NZ First Rangitikei N
Ron Mark NZFirst Wairarapa N
Steve Campbell NZ First Kaikoura N
Tracey Martin NZ First Rodney Y and
Winston Peters NZ First List only Y
Barjindar Singh NZ Independent List only N
Brendan Horan NZ Independent Bay of Plenty Y
Giovanni Mollo NZ Independent List only N
Jack Keogh NZ Independent List only N
Joanne Rye-McGregor NZ Independent List only N
Karl Barkley NZ Independent Clutha-Southland N
Michael O’Neill NZ Independent Tauranga N
Pat Spellman NZ Independent Waiariki N
Rick Pollock NZ Independent List only N
Wal Gordon NZ Independent List only N
Ben Uffindell The Civilian Party List only N
Harry Berger The Civilian Party List only N
Katie O’Neill The Civilian Party List only N
Kim Downing The Civilian Party List only N
Lucy-Jane Walsh The Civilian Party List only N
Marcus Gower The Civilian Party List only N
Michael Topp The Civilian Party List only N
Tim McLeod The Civilian Party List only N
John Overton Patriotic Revolutionary Front (UR) Rongotai N
Alan Simmons United Future Taupo N
Ben Rickard United Future Bay of Plenty N
Bryan Mockridge United Future Maungakiekie N
Damian Light United Future Northcote N
Dave Stonyer United Future Hutt South N
James Maxwell United Future Tauranga N
Jason Woolston United Future Kelston N
Peter Dunne United Future Ohariu Y
Quentin Todd United Future Hamilton East N
Ram Parkash United Future Manukau East N
Sultan Eusoff United Future Rongotai N