I’m a Wellington-based political communication and advertising expert with a doctorate from the Department of Politics at the University of Otago. This website is where I hope to provide an overview of my research, and connect with others who are also interested in studying politics.

My research specialisation is in the field of New Zealand political communication, with a focus on how political parties use unmediated media to inform, engage and persuade voters. I use a range of methods, including content analysis, focus groups, online diaries and experiments.

My doctoral thesis explores the role of emotional appeals in televised political advertising in New Zealand. Part of this project involved using experiments and focus groups to investigate voter responses to enthusiasm- and anxiety-inducing images and music in televised election advertising. I also research the role social media plays in facilitating reciprocal forms of dialogue between political parties and citizens during New Zealand election campaigns.

I have previously taught an undergraduate paper on Digital Politics at the University of Otago during Semester 1, 2015.

I’m always more than happy to discuss my current (and possible future) research, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can view a copy of my current curriculum vitae here.